CCTA Operations Committee Comment Period Open Until 14 May 2014

At the March 26th Special Meeting in City Hall, Chapin Spencer told the Mayor and City Council that he intended for there to be driver representation on the newly forming Operations Committee. This committee is intended to provide feedback and oversight for human resources, management and overall company workings on an ongoing basis. In the April 22nd Board of
Commissioners meeting, this was expanded to non-voting representation on the committee by an interested driver and member of the public. One of each (driver and rider) was proposed.

On Monday CCTA Commissioners posted a draft for the creation of this committee with no mention of driver inclusion, and the only mention of any input from non-Board members being that these individuals “will provide advisory input to the Operations Committee relevant to its purpose at the committee’s request.” This statement MUST be corrected to reflect the promises made to the Burlington City Council and to the public. We recommend a change to the second paragraph as follows:

“CCTA staff, union employees, and community members from rural or urban areas served by CCTA, who are reflective of the diversity of the community, will provide advisory input to the Operations Committee relevant to its purpose.”

Further down in the document, the second bullet point in the list of Committee Responsibilities specifically rejects any driver input at all in the important task of a reporting process. This not only goes against what has been promised in public and by members of the Board itself, it perpetuates the problem the committee claims to be resolving. Additionally, since driver input is not mentioned anywhere else in the proposal, it is an insult to the drivers.
CCTA staff has been the problem. Asking that same staff to develop a reporting process is like asking a criminal to police him/herself and report back. In this case, there are two directions which could be taken: the first, to incorporate drivers directly; the second, to leave staff out of the equation and trust the Board by itself to determine its process. In the latter case, they will need anyway to come back to the staff and drivers, so it would be best to combine these into something like the following:

“Develop, with the help of both staff and union members, key elements of a maintenance, human resources and operational reporting process including the content, format, and frequency of performance reports to Board, and oversee implementation of the process.”

The Board is accepting public comments on this draft until May 14th.

Please tell Chapin Spencer and the Board to be true to their promise to City Council and all of us, that they intended to create better driver representation and inclusion within the membership of this committee.

Send comments to:

Thank you!


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