Appointments to the CCTA Board of Commissioners

VT CAPT’s Suggestions for Town Commissioners and Managers:

As the Town Selectmen, you are responsible for the appointing of CCTA Board Commissioners that are in touch with the current and ongoing need of creating a positive CCTA management culture that will promote a strong, supportive, and safe environment for all employees.

Among other things, the recent drivers’ strike at CCTA has highlighted the need to rethink the way CCTA is run. Whether that is done by making the drivers more involved in management decisions or by a total revamping of the management style at CCTA, much of the initiative to make changes will come from the CCTA Board of Commissioners.

Almost the entire CCTA Board of Commissioners will be eligible for replacement June 30, 2014. The two exceptions are Chapin Spencer (Burlington) and Bob Buermann (Grand Isle County) who will be finishing out their terms. This is a great opportunity to ensure that the new commissioners take a more proactive interest in what goes on at the operations level. This is important because of the pivotal role the CCTA Board of Commissioners plays in ensuring accountability, transparency and excellence in their representation of transit management, drivers and riders.

We, the public and users of CCTA, demand a change in CCTA policy to require all newly appointed CCTA Board of Commissioners to demonstrate a commitment to the best interests of drivers, riders, and company, personal engagement in bus-ridership, and an ongoing and active understanding of operational procedures at CCTA.
We, the public and users of CCTA, demand the Commissioners regularly report back to Town meetings on how well this is handled.
How you appoint your CCTA Board commissioner will make all of the difference as CCTA works to become a model transit agency that all of us can be proud of.

For more information, please contact me:
Charles Norris-Brown
for the Vermont Community Alliance for Public Transportation


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